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Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) injections represent a groundbreaking cosmetic treatment leveraging the body’s natural healing abilities to rejuvenate facial features. This innovative procedure derives power from the patient’s blood, ensuring safety and effectiveness. The process involves extracting a small blood sample, concentrating platelets and growth factors through centrifugation, and skillfully injecting the resulting PRF serum into specific areas. This strategic approach triggers collagen production and tissue regeneration, yielding smoother skin and fuller lips and reducing visible signs of aging. PRF’s versatility extends to treating various regions, including the face, lips, under eyes, and jowls. It is an attractive option for those desiring a non-surgical solution to address multiple cosmetic concerns. Results emerge within weeks, with continual enhancement over months, often lasting up to 12-18 months based on individual factors.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a cosmetic therapy that uses a higher platelet concentration and enhanced release of growth factors to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and promote overall skin health. Additionally, PRF stimulates hair root cell growth and promotes increased hair density for combating hair thinning. It incorporates fibrin, a vital protein that supports tissue repair and regeneration. PRF has applications in orthopedic surgery for joint cartilage regeneration and microneedling to enhance skin quality. Glo by Glen Facial Optimization in Brooklyn, NY, offers PRF injections as a natural and non-invasive solution to facial rejuvenation and hair restoration.

Benefits of PRF Injections


PRF is suitable for individuals looking to address signs of aging, improve skin texture, and improve facial features without surgery.

Results can be visible within a few weeks, with continued improvement over several months.

Depending on individual factors, PRF results can last up to 12-18 months.

Downtime is minimal, with potential side effects like mild swelling or bruising that usually resolve quickly.

Before PRF, avoid blood-thinning medications and alcohol. Afterward, follow post-care instructions provided by your provider.

During the treatment, a small amount of blood is drawn, processed, and injected into targeted areas using fine needles for minimal discomfort. The procedure typically takes about an hour.

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